A memory of my life...


(pic taken from wildfox)

Some words I found written on a piece of paper inside one of my pokets, yesterday... I guess that happened last year... O.O

...I saw him yesterday and he saw me, he was standing right there, drinking beer, and me, on the second floor drinking pisco, laughing and trying not to hide so he could see me :) he was actually staring at me, like always and I was happy, but the "right moment" didn't happen. I know he is not my ideal man (phisically) but, I don't know, I like him!...I've always liked him and I always will altho I know there is not future for us and it seems he doesn't want to make the first step...

Yes... I love writting everything that happens in my life. Years later, I read it and it always makes me laugh.

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