Birthday Wishlist

Few minutes more and it's my birthday... I will get 24. Oh God! time runs fast. Of course there are many things I would like to get as presents this year. So I made my birthday wishlist, as I can't put all the things I want because then it'd be a never ending list, I'm showing you some of the things that just WOW me.

1.- White Lace Dress: simple but beautiful, this one is from Forever 21

2.- Clogs: this one I saw in Cocorosa's blog and it just wow me ... it's absolutly and completly beautiful... in other words --> The perfect clog ( from

3.- Bootie sandal: it was love at first sigh, this one is from H&M

4.- Fashion Origami Set: I could never get tired of this, altho I'm not good at Origami, I bet I would learn to make them all. This origami fashion set is from

5.- Vintage Luggage.- It would be awesome to travel with such bags, I found them at wish they were mine!

6.- Cuzco adventure.- I've been to cuzco some years ago but seeing this picture makes me want to go there again and enjoy every single minute of my staying. (pic taken from somewhere I don't remember)

Chic cuzco

So tomorrow it's time to eat cake, blow candles, get hugs & best wishes and have a great time with friends and family... AU REVOIR!!!

3 comentarios:

Monita de Seda dijo...

Happy birthday!! dear Jimeeeeeee!! me encanto el set de fashion origami!! q genial puede ser eso!!
pasala lindoo sii? sopla tus velitas y disfruta... un beso

janettaylor dijo...

I love su-shi clogs! :)

♥ Please don't forget to enter the leather keychains GIVEAWAY!♥ Good luck! ♥

daisychain dijo...

Happy Birthday!