I want to sail and take pictures of the stars...


It's a new year... and I made a new header for my blog... I changed some little things... because changes are always good... big times are coming and I'll stay positive!
Today I visit my grandma' and she invited me a cup of coffee... I'm so happy that makes me want to eat ice-cream in the sun!

5 comentarios:

Susan dijo...

you look so pretty! yay for big times! :))
I love the new header!
have a sweet day, xoxo

Anónimo dijo...

beautiful outfit! i love your blouse (or it's a dress?) *-*. kisses and happy new year!

meraldia dijo...

I wish you a Happy and Stylish New Year!!!

xxxxx I love your top and the fact that it's sunny!

zikboi dijo...

se te vera mas a menudo, saludos!!!!!!

JMay dijo...

So stylish, very cute blog.

I'm not following :-)