Say hello to 2010...

New year

I can't believe tomorrow we'll say goodbye to 2009 and welcome 2010 which will bring so many surprises, and things that we dont know... it ran so fast that I didn't even notice...

For my New Year's eve I'd like to wear this:
♥ Marc by Marc Jacobs Rosette mini dress
♥ MIU MIU strappy sandals
♥ Lara Bohinc Clutch
♥ FOREVER 21 necklace

And these are my wishes for 2010:
♥ Happiness, good health (obviously)
♥ Learn to swim well (I guess I wish the same all the time)
♥ Get the job that I want
♥ Get a lovely boyfriend (hmm this could be hard but I will try)
♥ Travel the world

I will do my best to achieve all I want beacuse these days I'm so concerned about my future... it happens all the last days of every year I've lived..since I remember.

Today it's my day off and tomorrow it's the last day I will work in the casino... I did quit my job because I want more, I need changes and I want to take all the possible risks...

to all my friends, people who visits my blog ... Thank you. You can't imagine how happy I get when I recieve a comment from you...
Let's celebrate now!!!

5 comentarios:

matt dijo...

have a great NYE and may most of your wishes come true if not all!



Mairyliscious dijo...

i hope your dreams come true!!!!!
happy new year!!!!!!

Susan dijo...

I wish all your dreams would come true in the new year, darling!
I am glad you aren't afraid of changes, I hope it will work out for you.
have a sweet day, xoxo

BrownAndCookies dijo...

hello dear :)

Happy New Year... I wish the best for your life ;)

Kiss from Portugal****


Anónimo dijo...

I've been looking all over for this!