i want my money back!!!

very hot day in my city, i had a meeting and as each 15 days i had to stay there all morning, and i was pissed cuz i get bored there , i think next time i wont go and i'll stop my negative words.
this is what i was wearing today and i just notice i sux at posing ..hahaha it's funny
last saturday i visited some second-hand and vintage stores and i didnt have much luck...i just bought a pair of brown sandals which are lovely.(but killers, it's unbelievable, but 100% true)

sunglasses: vintage
oversize blouse: mom's
bag: vintage
shorts: no boundaries
shoes: vintage

well these are the shoes:

and these are the flowers in my garden

4 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

very summery!!!

CarlaChartier dijo...

Me gusta demasiado las sandalias como haces para encontrar en PERU eres toda una experta!!

PoIsOn MaRy dijo...

Carla..son vintage ...one of a kind...

LoveMore dijo...

very cute outfit honey! i love love those sandals..they work in perfectly.

thanks for your comment! xx LM