...feeling red

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While everyone is waiting for summer to arrive, i wait for winter. I've always wanted a red coat, but i never bought one. I think now it's the time.
After looking at these girls who know how to wear it. i got inspired.
we have Betty who is wearing a blazer, not a coat, but with her personal touch, all the outfit looks great.
Then we have Elin, a pretty girl with her scandinavian look. she looks awesome in the red coat with the white tights, all her outfits are unique.
The next pic i took it from an Etsy store. i like that this coat is long and has black buttoms ..which is cool, cuz one can wear it as a dress, and it's very warm for winter.
and the last but not least, we have Pandora who also looks great with the coat and the headband.
so i will look for it and i wish myself good luck, cuz it's not easy to find a red coat as the way i want it, i might sow it for classes... i wont give up!!!

Betty's pic ---> Le blog de Betty
Elin's pic ---> Elinkan
Etsy store's pic ---> Punkv0uge
Pandora's pic ---> The Face Hunter

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Anónimo dijo...

ok, so i've been thinking that your blog is poLson mary. because of the capitalization. and i didn't get it. and i just realized it's poison... little slow... haha. i will just think of you as jimena :)

ana b. dijo...

Winter is coming to NZ too! And luckily enough I found the red coat of my dreams at Forever 21. I hope you find yours too!