today i started to sow a little summer dress for my niece (cousin's daughter) ... her name is Belén and she'll be 1 year soon ... i still remember when she was born, so beautiful, just as now. she is just starting to walk ...how sweet! ISNT SHE CUTE???

i bought the fabric long time ago and i didnt know what to make of it... it's yellow .

i watched Forest Gump with my bro and i didnt notice how cool the soundtrack is (thanks my bro) 60's & 70's tunes... long live rock & roll...

and i also prepered some desserts:

♥ vanilla cookies cake with butter cream
♥ lemon pie
♥ mango ice-cream

i had a great day ...

(hoy empeze a coserle un vestido a mi sobrina Belen que cumplirá un año pronto...compre la tela hace tiempo y es amarilla....mire forestgump con mi hermano y prepare postres)

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jukejka dijo...

oh, she's veeery cute ;)