Things have changed... life has changed... I am not the same as before. Not because I changed but because in some ways things seem different.
I decided to keep this blog because just thinking of deleting it makes me sad. Right? Since 2007 when I started, it's been 5 years.
The picture was taken by my lovely friend Nethra (from India) location: Roatan-Honduras
Dress-Forever21, Sunglasses & Bag-Flea Market.

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Andre dijo...

Angel on the sea..did you know that i'll always love you...
(when a man's instinct knows it and the heart feels..)

Ciao fantastica bellissima 'strega' !;p

truely amazing how life changes...since i've met you years ago..

i became uncle of three beautiful nieces (even two twins)..job career is going forward..hummm but still haven't in my arms the right woman;P ...she's probably still cruising and exploring the world:)

daamn switzerland has no sea ports..therefore let me know where your cruise takes the next i am still checking where to spend my next holiday :)

would be awesome to have the honour to meet you one day !

wish you beautiful experiences and the best what life can give !!

beso kiss bisous bacio kuss


Anónimo dijo...

I really never tho you were gonna write. wow, what a big surprise!
do you have facebook and i can add you or at least give me ur last name, i remember it was very difficult.
and i can look for you?
I would really like to know whats going on with you now... besides your nieces
i really hope u read this and answer...i will check later...

besos guapo


Andre dijo...

duh that was a quick reply;d awesome !

..difficult last name? cheeky gal !;p ..don’t worry..may our kidz will enjoy a good swiss one;p

Hit me up on and i’ll reply you there through my private e-mail adress (firts-last name included inspector Colombo);d

What’s going on with me?
..fortunately things here are going forward and i’m going well. working hard on my career and enjoying life and not at least ima no more suffering soap operas with crazy biatches;p
..seems ima becoming finally adult&wise lol

missed you !

besos wuapa:)