she said....


It's been a while since the last time I wrote something here, I don't know if it was because last months I've been travelling quite often... or just because I got all lazy and inspiration was gone. But yesterday I told my brother to take a pic of me...
I was wearing my wool dress as sweater, shorts, tights, leo bag, wayfarers and booties. I think the inspiration was 90's and the weather was kinda grunge... all cloudy, windy, cold and dark.

7 comentarios:

Monita de Seda dijo...

que bonita, me gustan tus zapatos. Y bueno a veces nos pasa que nos quedamos sin ganas, ni inspiración, pero tarde o temprano llega... :)

janettaylor dijo...

Great sweater!


Susan dijo...

you look fabulous, darling Jimena- as always :)
missed you!

Olimpe dijo...

me gusta un buen tu sueter.
Debe haber algo en el aire que a mi tmb se me fue la inspiracion

Anónimo dijo...

daamn that kinda woman who makes man's heart beat stronger..:)

Anónimo dijo...

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