Momoko doll

Today I found something beautiful: The Momoko doll

Momoko doll

"Momoko" doll is a real-fashion doll that reflects the trends of today. She is adorn by grown-ups with high fashion sensibility. Her facial features are those of real-life japanese girls with strong will-power, perhaps you can identify her with one of the girls you actually see on the streets of Japan. "momoko" is a fashion muse, she can handle any style from romantic to urban cool. Her clothes are true-to-life down to the tiniest of details, even for the shoes and footwear"...

And There is a girl who makes clothes for this japanese doll and she sells it on etsy

These are my favorites:

Rock Chic
Rock chic

Black dress
Black dress

Blue hat
Blue hat


It's amazing to see all the clothes I love in such a beautiful doll! Love it!!!

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Brown and Cappuccino dijo...

Hello darling, how are you? What amazing dolls :) so cute

Kiss from Portugal***

Brown and Cappuccino*

Lulux dijo...

These dolls are way better than barbies!

Olimpe dijo...

oh, que envidia!
esas muñecas tienen más estilo que yo :P

Anónimo dijo...

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Tista dijo...

The first picture is adorable, this doll reminds me Keira Knightley's new hair cut!

Shon dijo...

This is a great site. I love the little doll. Where can I get one of these for my daughter?

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