Happy Birthday Poison Mary



Yes! 3 years ago I started a fashion-related blog named as the way my brother calls me... Poison Mary (because my first name is Maria)... and today I made a cake to celebrate this important day. I've changed so much since the first time I wrote on here. Adding personal photos (because at the begining I used to upload pics of fashion shows), writing about what I like, what I'd love to have in my wardrobe and showing my personal style and my DIY projects.

I just hope to keep my POISON MARY for much more time...

Thank you to all the people who have visited me here, who left comments, who added me to the blog list...and the dear followers..you rock!

...and a special thanks ofcourse to Susan from The Sugar Diaries because I won her giveaway! yay! last year :)

(I wont cry..lol)

so...Let's eat the cake... Au revoir!

5 comentarios:

Monita de Seda dijo...

Que lindo Jime! y que sigan muchos más...

Eve* dijo...

aww.. qué emoción. feliz cumple Poison Mary! (:

Susan dijo...

happy bloggy birthday, dearest Jimena! you almost made ME cry :))) I am so happy you still remember that giveaway... I was so happy for you.
have a gorgeous week, my darling.

Lulux dijo...

3 years!!! hope you'd had a blast.



Olimpe dijo...

ay, si..sigue entre nosotros..besos!