Dear people who visit my blog... I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!
Can you do me a favor and vote for me??? pleaseeee???
my blog is participating in a contest of the "20 blogs peruanos" - "20 Peruvian Blogs"... category: Fashion ofcourse!
...and you know... it would be nice to win

All you need to do is:

♥ Click on this link:

♥ Write your email in the empty box where you read "Ingresa tu email" which means write your email.

♥ Click on the gray bottom which says: ¡envienme un email para confirmar mi voto! (send me a email to comfirm my vote)

♥ Then open your email and click on the link they send you... and that's it... easy...

I'm sorry the website is in spanish, my mother tongue, but I think I explained it very well...

I will thank you forever...

xxx... Jimena

EDIT.- I needed to edit this post and change some little things because I just noticed that below the contest logo it was the telefonica logo... and I didn't like it... because they are not paying me to appear in my blog... its so clever... pay the contest people and appear in all peruvian blogs that participate in such contest... I DON'T LIKE IT! besides... I have few votes..don't think I will make it... so.. goodbye contest... (really angry now)