you don't even go outside anymore...

Today I wish I had: These Jeffrey Campbell shoes from

Jeffrey Campbell
A dress like this (pic taken from Nini's style blog)

vintage denim dress

And a ring like this Forever21
F21 ring

The other day When I woke up at 5:30 in the morning, the sky was clear, so unusual at this time of year when everything gets dark and gray. And the moon was still there, It was such a view from the window of my bathroom... A beautiful way to start the day.

Morning moon

And this is me... Last january when I went out with a friend and we had sooo much fun. I made it in polaroid style with a program I have in my computer just because I think polaroid pics are pretty and I dont own a classic Instant Polaroid

Polaroid me...
Tomorrow I have to study about international wines, chesses, beers, cocktails, recipes and practise for the MarlinsTest which scares me in some way.


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Susan dijo...

love that ring :)

janettaylor dijo...

Love that key ring too!

Daniel Hough dijo...

Nice blog!