Fashion Designer: Shaina Mote...♥

eden dress

By checking out DUJOUR MAGAZINE website, I found this fashion designer, Shaina Mote, and I just felt like I needed to post something about her an her autumn.winter collection 2010. I usually don't do this kind of posts, but hey! her clothes is just perfect... It's all I'd love to have in my closet, all I need for this season, and all I'd wear definitely.
Every piece of this collection is just beautiful, and the colours are so soft and sophisticated. I guess every woman in the world would love to wear a piece of cothes made by this tallented designer... I love it all.

velveteen dress

basic t, foret blouse, bay trousers

sorrel skirt, chevron blouse

river dress

looming pullover, foret blouse

hearth dress

visit her website at ...

*all the pics were taken from ShainaMote's website.

5 comentarios:

Uno más! U_U dijo...

hola te escribi al rincon vintage y aun no m has respondido para ver si aun tienen la carterita blanca :S

Charo dijo...

Que estilazo el de la chica. Buen post.

Monita de Seda dijo...

que chompa trenzada más linda!!

janettaylor dijo...

Great clothes. Love them all!

yiqin; dijo...

Awesome hair hehe