I ♥ Cat-eye Sunglasses!

The Cat-Eye Sunglasses are back...
cat-eye sunglasses
1. Cutler and Gross cat-eye-frame acetate glasses -NET-A-PORTER 2. Party cat eye sunglasses - FREDFLARE 3. Emmanuelle Khanh cat-eye-frame acetate sunglasses - NET-A-PORTER 4. Cateye Sunglasses - TOPSHOP

Etsy favorites:
vintage cat-eye sunglasses
5. Vintage Laminated Cat Eye Sunglasses 6. Vintage funky cat eye sunglasses 7. Vintage 1950s Ruby Red Cats Eye Sunglasses 8. Vintage Fabulous Cat Eye Sunglasses

My favourite ones are the nº 1, 2, 5 & 6....Hey... I'm in love!

3 comentarios:

janettaylor dijo...

Love the 1st ones!

meraldia dijo...

They are very stylish! I am very happy they are back in fashion. And my favorites? Vintage, of course!

Fashion Cappuccino dijo...

They're so cool!! I love the red one! xoxoxoxoxo