we want fun and I shouldn't have told you that...my mistake!


There are so many bad and good things that has happened to me these past days when I didnt write, I've learnt so much, it will be usefull for my life I think.
well as I said... I went shopping to another city and it was great! I've bought so many things for myself and presents for my family ... Wow! I can't believe tomorrow is Christmas...It's the most beautiful time of the year for me and it makes me happy...although these days I've been sad because I make loads of mistakes... but whats a girl to do?
I'm human!

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Susan dijo...

a new day is for a fresh start and correcting mistakes. don't worry, darling. happy Holidays to you. thank you for being an amazing blogger friend.

Antara dijo...

como dicen por ahi... si pierdes la batalla no pierdas la leccion... ju! me encanta tu look... amo las blusas largas y comodas! Te ves muy bien!
Miles de besos,