A treasure... that will last forever...

These are some of the old photos I found at my grandma's place... I love the all, not only because they are old...but because they make me want to go back to past and know how they were taken and how they all felt about being photographed...

grandma, great grandma and company
( In this pic: my grandma', her little sister, great grandma', uncle Josè, and great grandma' sisters)

( Grandpa' Fidel... it has something written in the back side... some words for my grandma' before they got married)

grandma and company
(Grandma' (wearing black) and company)

unknown family
(Unknown family... this pic is just lovely)

il bimbo
(Baby boy with dogs)

(Unknown girl)
I didn't edit the pics because I think they are more beautiful in the way they are...and more precious too..

2 comentarios:

Susan dijo...

I love old photos... these are beautiful!
have a sweet day, darling.

Olimpe dijo...

aaaaah, recuerdo cuando mi abue me contaba historias con fotos....era muy divertido. Ademas es chistoso ver como han cambiado los parientes.

Y yo hace poco me encontre unas mias de cuando iba a la primaria. Regresaron a mi un monton de recuerdos que estaban a punto de morir