La fiesta

La fiesta del ayer

In the pic... the german guy (I don't remember his was so difficult), Luis, Miriam, me and MaryAngela

Two nights ago my friend MaryAngela and I met two friends... she was peruvian and he was german, they are travelling together around South America. So yesterday night we went out all together. First we went to this bar called "Barbitas" and we drunk beer... planning where to go to dance. After that we went to a disco called "Boio" and we had so much fun...dancing all night long.
There we met other people. At 2:30 I had to come back home because I worked today (Sunday) and I was falling asleep at work...

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Susan dijo...

sounds like lots of fun! :))
I left an award for you on my blog.
have a lovely day, xoxo

BrownAndCookies dijo...

it´s so good when we spent a little time with our friends in a good moments :) how are you my dear?

kiss from Portugal***


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