Oh you can come and visit me...


Some days ago at work I met 2 men from Korea and 1 from Philippines... the last one was called Christopher and he told me they worked in a ship. It was nice talking to him..and it's weird to think that I will never gonna see them again ... and without english we wouldn't have been able to talk ...amazing!

Today it's my day off... it's good to rest after so much hard work... and the sun was shining in the morning... so pretty!
These two pics of myself I took some hours ago... I wanted to show my red hair and my freckles...so funny!

moi in red

By the way I appear in LOOK10 ... I sent my look and voilé! Thanx Vicen... that made me tres happy... this is the link: http://look10.blogspot.com/2009/08/poison-mary.html

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Susan dijo...

I wish I could visit you in Perú! :)
you look hot by the way- here and on LOOK10 as well :)
have a lovely weekend, girlie, xoxo

Mairyliscious dijo...

i didn't saw any stars too it was also here cloudy :(

BrownAndCookies dijo...

congratulations for the look10... I appear too :) your hair it´s fantastic, love this color, hot :)

kiss from Portugal******


Anónimo dijo...

you, pretty??? not not not!

Ruxandra dijo...

love your hair:)wish i could meet some korean guys:D

Giovanna dijo...

Congratulations!!! Me encanta tu blog!! Yo tambien soy peruana y me encanta la moda, soy diseñadora y tengo un blog, aqui te lo dejo:


Un fuerte abrazo!!