Life is a cookie...


I really wish I could avoid reality right now but I know I can't... Saw this floral playsuit in TOPSHOP site and I liked it... then I created a set ... this is how I would wear it... and now I'll drink a glass of INCA COLA while I try to figure out why he said "life is a cookie"... it's senseless!!! or maybe not.

playsuit, sunglasses, tights, shoes: TOPSHOP
nail polish: OPI
tote: (who knows!)

4 comentarios:

yiqin; dijo...

I love the florals! The shoe looks great.

Maria Confer dijo...

I so want to buy a floral playsuit!! I love your oufit picks, it would look so good.

HoneyBunny dijo...

Loove this look<3333

Beth dijo...

This outfit is so cute!
Love the glasses!