Bow, dots & heart...

Bow, heart & dots

Today I woke up very early in the morning, I sewed a red skirt for myself, I went to classes...I ate cereal in my break, I watched "the Face Hunter Show" and I fell in love with a guy I looked at walking down the streets...(the way he moved was a mistery..hahaha)
My day was pretty busy...
Dress & Tights: TOPSHOP
Shoes: H&M
Heart bag: FOREVER21
[Ps.- I'd love to wear that outfit]

7 comentarios:

Carol dijo...

I love everything! This bag is wonderful, this dress is very cute and bows are lovely *-*


Morena G.Y. dijo...

I'd love to wear this outfit too!
Nice one. :)

xx, Morena

P.S. How are you miss? We haven't talked in a while.

Morena G.Y. dijo...

Thanks for the comment.
I'm doing great really.
It seems like everything's falling into place.

And I see, busy huh? Anything new? :)

HoneyBunny dijo...

Wow, such a lovely collage! I would definitely wear it all:)

Beth dijo...

Oooh love the outfit, they all go together so well.
Especially love the heart bag :)

B xx

Fanny dijo...

sweet outfit!

Posh dijo...

So cute! <3