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This is the first animated picture I've made... I bought this bracelet today... Altho I'm not religious at all, I just wanted to have one...for fun!
I also painted my nails in animal print ...Zebra!!! ... love them!

4 comentarios:

Jimena dijo...

¿cómo las pintas como zebras?!

Hippiegirl dijo...

it's beautiful!

BrownAndCookies dijo...

show me your nails pleassseee :) I think that I never saw zebra nails ever... i am curious.

your bracelet is cute. I am not religious at all but sometimes I think that is important to belive in some God or a very important person for us... someone that can protect us or someone that we can trust... i need to feel that we are not alone in the world... i guess :)

kiss from Portugal******


Jessica dijo...

your braclet is so beautiful! i want it! ♥