parece que va a llover...

I've been thinking of all i need for this coming winter and this is my list ... if there's any winter santa (cuz i only know the summer one) plz ...hear me ( boo! it's just up to me..i know) anyways... this is what i need: 1.- black coat - modcloth
2.- gray cardigan - topshop
3.- feather gilet - BALLY
4.- blue coat - modcloth

5.- acid-washed jeans - TOPSHOP
6.- dress - modcloth
7 & 8 .- skirts - modcloth
9.- coat - Urban Outfitters

10.- round sunglasses - modcloth
11.- hat - modcloth
12.- big black handbag - Urban Outfitters
13.- floral-patterned tighs - TOPSHOP
14.- leg-warmers - modcloth
15.- heart shape sunglasses - modcloth
16.- beret - TOPSHOP
17.- Oxfords - Jeffrey Campbell

it's hard to find all that here cuz we dont have such great shops and brands but i'll look for it ...
oh dear winter...i miss u so much!!!

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Krystal dijo...

the heart sunglasses are to sie for x

Anónimo dijo...

LOVE these picks, particularly the oxfords, and the coat with the oversized buttons!

lovely blog!

Annie dijo...

adore the blue coat and floral tights, and the heart sunglasses are simply adorable. sweet blog!

Anónimo dijo...

good combos! i love those floral tights.

Morena Doll dijo...

Sweet Loving comment right back at you. Just wondering how you found my blog? ;)

A hug and kiss,
Morena Doll

Morena Doll dijo...

You're welcome.
Would you like to follow my blog? I shall add you to my blogroll as well.

Morena Doll dijo...

I already added you, and I want to follow your blog, but I don't see your "followers" feature. :)

Stacy dijo...

The oxfords are adorable.