Last day of March...

In my hunt for round sunglasses, which i haven't found yet, I saw this ones which are also round but not as the ones I want. I didn't doubt to buy them because they will be added to my collection of vintage sunglasses. The man who sold them to me said that they are from late 60's, so i looked for information about them in the net, but couldn't find anything so far. My mom told me this model was called "charada" (in spanish) but she wasn't sure.

I think I have a thing for vintage sunnies. I can't stop buying when i see them. And I'm sure that next time when I see another ones I like...I'll buy them... It's an Obsession!!!

Surfing on Minimarket site i saw this red hat which I like and would love to own ...Ain't this beautiful?

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Mervat dijo...

Jimena, I love your style of vintage taste. As nice as these sunglasses are, I hope you find your perfectly round ones soon!


proudly says, dijo...

i love that bumblebee sunnies and i've a red hat pretty look close with that hat here.

p.s thank you so much and i added you to my blogroll too.

LoveMore dijo...

yes sunnies are tough to buy! i wear sunnies every single day so always think hard before i buy.

thanks for your comment :)

xxx LM