Last train to...Mollendo

Today i went to the Old Train Station.. it was so nice to be there and think about the age when it was alive...
Back in the 20's (and before that) many foreigners came to work to my city which was an important port in Peru...
Now this Train Station is the House of the Culture and I always go there to see paiting and photo exhibitions and music concerts ..last one was jazz...and it was cool ... one of the musicians was hot :)
Anyways my great grandma and grandma came from Chile and disembarked in the port which is next to the Train Station .. This place has loads of history... even the discoverer of Machu Picchu, when he arrived here, he disembarked in my town and took the train in this station ... to go straight to Cuzco.

That's the balcony in the second floor... it has an amazing view to sea.

And this is the place where passengers used to wait for the train.

Then i went to the park next to the Train Station and posed..hahaha well what can i say? Today was better than yesterday, I just realized it was silly to get mad and cry for nothing. I'm ok now...

About my outfit... it's dead, when it's too hot, i cant think more than wearing some random tshirts and shorts.

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chartiercarla dijo...

aparte de que soy tu pupila porque sabes mucho mas que yo me encanta como posa mi fashionista :)

proudly says, dijo...

i love the NY t-shirt.
it looks good on you!

REINAS HI5 dijo...

HI =)





HoneyBunny dijo...

you look adorable, hon! I've got that tshirt as well:))