cafe del mar

today's breakfast: delicious corn flakes and french vanilla yogurt... the yogurt was too sweet, it sux but it's cuz i'm used to eat or drink things with not much sugar, which is good in some point, good for my health, but in the other side, the bad one, everything tastes soooo sweet... yuk!
i tried to buy the light yogurt with no sugar, but i couldnt find the flavour i like... there were only strawberry ones, and i am not a big fan of strawberry.
now i'm a little hungry but i'll survive!!!

cloudy days are gone, sun is shining again and when i was out i felt like melting... thats y when i came back home i had to drink loads of cold water.
the weather was perfect to wear this dress and i love it... i stayed up till late stiching the white buttoms in the back side and i was happy to wear something i made

dress: self-made - sunglasses: vintage - sandals: flea market

2 comentarios:

Sylvia Cunningham dijo...

What a talent you have there for design...beautiful dress! Envious of the weather there, too.

Mairyliscious dijo...

you are really talented!!!!!!!