i've been dreaming of these shoes... i found them here in a store but they were red and i dont like red shoes, except for my boots...so i went to platanitos and i was lucky to get them. these are the ones, i look so tall, 10 cm heel . makes me get 1.82m of tall ...wow

then i went to another store and in the shoe side i found these ones, perfect to wear with the dress i'm making for myself.

and i went to do it and i found this sunglasses, there were also in red ..but didnt fit me...maybe i wasnt made for that colour.

i was lucky to go to a shop , looking for jeans, everything was 2x1 absolutly everything in that store. pay one...take 2...so i found the pants i was looking for . i also bought a tshirt for my little cousin and one for me ...and some braceletes for her.i got some red eyeshadow and a black eyeliner. i can live without eyeshadow but i cant live without my black eyeliner and mascara.

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