today i was in hospital, cuz my back got worse.. i couldnt walk well :( but doctor gave me some injeccions and i hope everything to be fine later
i've been checking out ATOMIKA clothes's site... thats a peruvian brand ... very famous here, they make good clothes ..but not all is pretty for me.

these are the things i could buy:
1.- pump.- the t-strap shoe is really cool:) for party
2.- dress.- for this coming summer: everything gets so hot ..and we all need air. what i dont like in this dress is just the flowers in the button ... they looks so "kitchen clothes"
3.- i love everything in these outfits.. even the forniture in the room ...jajaja

i've been cleaning out my closet and i found many clothes which i dont wear anymore ... so i will give it to charity ... even if i dont like my clothes in other ppl ...

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