i wanted to try a headband , so this r the ways i like it, cuz over my hair looks awful
(quize probarme mi vincha, estas son las dos maneras que me gusta, porque sobre todo mi pelo luce horroroso) these are my 80's boots, i like them and i am wearing them today... when i was visiting my cousin's store, my other little cousin came to me and said :
-my mom used to wear that kind of boots when she was young- jajaja that was so cute .
(estas son mis botas de los 80's, las estoy usando ahora , cuando esuve en la tienda de mi prima, mi otra primita se me acerco y me dijo- mi mama solia usar ese tipo de botas cuando era joven- jajaja tan linda)

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online lotto dijo...

I truly appreciate it.

Mairyliscious dijo...

i prefer your hair know
black and short
they give you a very sofisticated type!!

Anónimo dijo...

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