the vaga look

today i got the vaga look
there r some tips to get it in the right way

1.- feel lazy when u wake up
2.- dont comb ur hair , just collect it and wear bobbi pins on it
3.- ragged dirty jeans always hepl
4.- 1 tank + 1 oversize tshirt + jacket
5.- converse (chuckies) + bag
6.- scarf from india gives you a bohemian look
7.- big black sunglasses to cover the red eyes and the dark circles under them (consecuence of not sleeping last night)

jeans: Hudson
tank: Old Navy
oversize t-shirt: American Eagle
jacket: Joe Fresh Style
scarf: from India
shoes: converse (chuckies)
bag: Self-made
sunglasses: flea market

i was feeling so lazy today. but i went to classes anyways...

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